Source code for medikit.feature.pytest

Adds the pytest testing framework to your project.


import os

import medikit
from import subscribe

from . import SUPPORT_PRIORITY, Feature

[docs]class PytestConfig(Feature.Config): version = "~=4.6" """ Pytest version to use in dev requirements. You can override this using `set_version(...)`. """ addons = {"coverage": "~=4.5", "pytest-cov": "~=2.7"} """ Additionnal packages to use in dev requirements along with the main pytest packe. You can override this dictionnary. """
[docs] def set_version(self, version): """ Overrides Pytest version requirement with your own. """ self.version = version
[docs]class PytestFeature(Feature): # TODO: Config = PytestConfig requires = {"python"}
[docs] @subscribe("medikit.feature.python.on_generate") def on_python_generate(self, event): config = self.get_config(event) python = self.get_config(event, "python") python.add_requirements(dev=["pytest " + config.version, *map(" ".join, config.addons.items())])
[docs] @subscribe("medikit.feature.make.on_generate", priority=SUPPORT_PRIORITY) def on_make_generate(self, event): makefile = event.makefile makefile["PYTEST"] = "$(PYTHON_DIRNAME)/pytest" makefile["PYTEST_OPTIONS"] = "--capture=no --cov=$(PACKAGE) --cov-report html".format( path=event.package_name.replace(".", os.sep) ) makefile.add_target( "test", """ $(PYTEST) $(PYTEST_OPTIONS) tests """, deps=("install-dev",), phony=True, doc="Runs the test suite.", )
[docs] @subscribe(medikit.on_start, priority=SUPPORT_PRIORITY) def on_start(self, event): tests_dir = "tests" if not os.path.exists(tests_dir): os.makedirs(tests_dir) gitkeep_file = os.path.join(tests_dir, ".gitkeep") if not os.path.exists(gitkeep_file): self.render_empty_files(gitkeep_file) self.render_file(".coveragerc", "pytest/coveragerc.j2") self.render_file(".travis.yml", "pytest/travis.yml.j2")